Police Violence Zine

Over the past couple of years, we have collaborated with the talented and generous Rachel Marie-Crane Willams on several projects. Rachel authored and illustrated three amazing zines about juvenile justice as part of our Cradle-to-Prison comic series last year. This was the result of a collaboration between Project NIA, Chicago Freedom School, and the Jane Addams Hull House Museum.

by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams

Last Fall, we approached Rachel and asked if she would lend her talents to authoring another zine, this time about policing and violence. Rachel did not hesitate and has worked on this project as a volunteer while juggling her teaching, family, and other responsibilities.

It is impossible to express our gratitude to Rachel for the incredible zine that she has produced. We know that she is animated by a steadfast commitment to social justice and change. We believe that this zine will contribute to making the world a little more just as it facilitates reflection and discussion among the youth and adults who read it. As readers hopefully develop a critical consciousness about the roots of police violence, it is our hope that they are galvanized to take action to transform these injustices.

We invite you to download and share this zine with everyone who you think would be receptive to its message and also with those who might find the information more challenging. You can learn more about Rachel and her work here.

Download the police violence zine here (PDF). [You will need to rotate the zine clockwise in order to read it online.] You can also download the zine as a single page PDF here. [You don’t have to rotate the zine in this version].

Finally, the activity guide created by Mariame Kaba includes a suggestion (p. 25) for how to use the zine with young people. You can find the guide here.

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